Light, whether daylight or artificial light, is essential for most human endeavours. Without light there is no seeing & Well being. Lighting is the application of technology with an understanding of human factors to facilitate the performance of tasks and to reveal people, objects and spaces. Like all design processes, lighting design is based on knowledge and skills but its practice also involves processes and skills that are difficult to teach, such as flair, calculated risk taking, experience & imagination. 
The breadth of knowledge is required for an understanding of light & lighting. Much of the knowledge has been developed in areas of study, which has no direct application to design, such as physiology, psychology, physics & chemistry. Product related knowledge have been developed by equipment manufacturers. Similarly, application oriented knowledge has been developed by engineers, architects, interior designers, landscape designers, etc. Rarely does an institution bring this knowledge together to provide a comprehensive lighting design course.  This is where we strive and offer to bring this knowledge together through Business\Oriented, Comprehensive  Workshops on Architectural Lighting Design. For Key takeaways and topics overview click below on “Annexure A”
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Do nominate your colleagues and teams for the power-packed knowledge 
sharing on Architectural Lighting Design and hands-on Project Workshop 
  • The only workshop in the country transforming the future of education in specialized field of lighting that provides a professional and hands-on high-quality education in Lighting Design to designers, professionals supporting Marketing Team in Lighting Companies, MEP & Electrical Consultants and students in design fields.

  • Here you not only learn lighting design skills but also learn to appreciate the value of communication techniques in lighting design and successfully present your business case to the end client or the Architect/Project Head.

  • At the same time, get exposed to various challenges experienced in the market and various techniques developed to establish a suitable communication channel and hence increase your lead to conversion ratio.

  • Participants get immersed in the design process and understand the different stages of lighting design in various projects types viz., hospitality, retail, commercial and public lighting .

  • Practice and share experience for better performance as well as witness individual’s progress through various assignments and practice.  

  • The aim of the hands-on workshop is not only to focus on LED lamps and luminaires, but how to do a solution based selling with right tools and techniques in a timely manner

Highly recommeded for 
Architects, Interior Designers & Landscape Designers 
    Lighting Designers
    CAD Operators in design firms
    Entrepreneurs in Lighting Business
    Representatives of Lighting Companies & Dealers
    Electrical Consulting Engineers
    Fresh Graduates & Diploma Holders in Design Field
    Teachers of various Deign Faculties
     Builders & Developers
     Anyone interested in Lighting Design

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INR 20,000+18% gst
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